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Load handling system

Our load handling solutions use the latest technology for the highest performing load handling system. From truck mounted cranes, tail gates and tippers, to workman baskets, Wong Fong Engineering provides the best-fit solution for any type of industry operations.

  • Truck-mounted Cranes

    We provide the best and most reliable truck-mounted boom cranes that meet the EN12999 standards in the industry. Our range of cranes has various lifting capacities and different lengths of outreach. With our cranes' exceptional load-handling functionality, any loading job can be performed with comfort and ease. View Product Range

  • Tailgates

    Using an electro-hydraulic driven system with a steel or aluminum platform, tail gates are the ideal equipments for loading and unloading goods from the vehicle decks. View Product Range

  • Self-loaders

    These cargo bed trucks are installed with hydraulic systems and rear ramps. They are able to lift and tilt the cargo body to transport off-road vehicles. Customisation options include installation on truck-mounted cranes, installation of Hydraulic Power Ramp or Remote Control system, to make your operations more versatile and effective. View Product Range

  • Tippers

    Tippers are the perfect tools for handling and transporting construction materials. They are fitted with a hydraulic hoist under the body for an extra raise during unloading. For heavier-duty applications, premium steel plates such as, HARDOX, can be added within the construction of the tipper body for greater durability and sturdiness. View Product Range

  • Workman Baskets

    Whether street light repairs, tree-cutting or other maintenance service jobs, workman baskets are the ideal instruments for the job. The basket is made of aluminum or steel and comes with a secure safety harness for the operator. Options for a one- or two-man capacity are available, making it suitable for a truck crane boom system. View Product Range

  • Cargo Lifters

    These lifters assist to make cargo loading and unloading hassle-free. They are ideal for logistic vehicles, especially transporting goods like medical equipment, house and office appliances etc. View Product Range